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Cooking oil: olive oil, sunflower, vegetables margarines, corn, peanuts … the market offers a lot of variety from which to choose the perfect oil to prepare our dishes. Each of them requires a different type of preparation and bring different flavors to the cooked dishes.

Olive oil

It is the basic oil in the Mediterranean kitchens. It serves to cook, fry, brown, dress the food. It is the healthiest oil we can use in our area.

How to choose the right type?

There are many names for the cooking oil  such as extra virgin olive oil, refined oil, virgin oil etc. Refined olive oil is usually cheaper than virgin oil but the difference does not compensate at all.

By the oil grades we understand the percentage of fat that it has. By going through the process of refining it eliminates the bad particles, but it also loses some nutritional qualities.

Without a doubt, the oil that most interests us is the extra virgin olive oil, since it is the most healthy oil that can be found in our area.

Type of olive

Most of the supermarket oils do not mention the variety of olives used, but if it is possible to choose it, choose the variety that you like the most and know that it suits your dishes. For example, if you need a stronger flavor choose the picual variety but if you need something softer, the hojiblanca variety is the perfect one for you.

Sunflower oil

It is the second most used cooking oil since it is cheaper than olive oil but does not contain the same nutritional properties. We can help you to fry as it comes with hardly any flavor and being less viscous than olive oil, it will leave less oily products.

After using it you can strain or filter and reuse it.

One of the most recommended uses of this oil is for those dishes that require a neutral flavor. For example, most Asian recipes require a neutral flavor to keep the essence of their original flavor.

Other uses may include vegetable mayonnaises or other sauces that require a mild flavor for preparation.

Coconut oil

This oil is still little used in our area. It comes in a solid state at room temperature and has a coconut flavor. It is usually used to cook recipes typical of other areas and recreate their unique flavors but it is not essential, it can be replaced by a mild olive oil.

It offers a crispier texture to the cookies and improves the solidity of the chocolates.

As in the case of olive oil, we are interested in virgin coconut oil since the refined loses part of its nutritional and culinary qualities.

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