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The part that you least like about work in the hotel industry and probably one of the least rewarded but most important jobs is the cleaning of the industrial kitchen. Remove the stands of furniture, appliances, the kitchen iron and all those tools that are cleaned almost daily as pots, pans and pans are tasks that although it does not seem take a long time.

How to remove grease from industrial kitchen furniture?

The most important step in keeping your kitchen furniture clean is to clean them every so often. The recent fat is eliminated much better than the consolidated fat that takes a while, so this task includes in the routine of your employees.

Look for suitable degreasing detergents: read the ingredients and make sure they contain surfactants – the substances that are responsible for easily removing grease. If you prefer more homemade and natural products, use the “lifelong” method: vinegar and lemon juice.

How to remove grease from appliances?

The ovens, the plates and the stoves do not accumulate only fat but also microorganisms that contaminate the food that we produce and serve our customers. We have to take care of the image of our company but above all we have to take care of the health of our consumers.

As with furniture, it is recommended to include these cleaning tasks in the daily or weekly routine.
To clean the appliances avoid abrasive detergents with a lot of perfume and look for one with ph néutro. Use warm water and cotton cloths so they do not spoil the surface of these. Rub the surfaces according to the manufacturer’s instructions and, once cleaned, rinse the soap residues well.

How to clean the industrial kitchen plate?

The kitchen plate is cleaned when it is still hot because in this way the stuck remains come off more easily. Use scrapers to remove debris from it, as long as the manufacturer of the plate does not indicate otherwise. When you have finished, add water mixed with lemon juice or vinegar and let the mixture work for a few minutes. Remove the water and check the iron with a damp cloth. If you are not going to use it for a while, remember to protect it with a thin layer of oil to avoid oxidation.

How to clean industrial kitchen utensils?

If you want to clean the kitchen tools without much effort, always have them impeccable without assigning such a difficult job to your employees, we will give you the solution. Frucosol degreasing machines are the definitive solution to the problem of industrial grease. Save water, energy and cleaning products by making your employees enjoy being in the kitchen.

Our degreasing machines are a great ally in these cleaning tasks.

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