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On vacations, everyone takes advantage of the warm afternoons and summer nights to live the life of the city, whether it’s taking a drink on the terraces or dining out.

Do you want to attract your customers with the delicious smell of your meals?

Do not look for more ideas, our cooking machine is the ideal solution.

The BC100 Mixchef cooking machine creates a circular movement identical to what we would do manually only that constant, eccentric and permanent.

It is perfect for all kinds of stews and dishes that are made on a slow fire and with constant movement such as the very popular cod pil pil, calderetas, game stews, rice, tripe or potatoes in sauce.

Cod in pil pil sauce

The cod in pil pil sauce is a typical dish of the Basque Country gastronomy made mainly with 4 ingredients: cod, olive oil, garlic and chilli peppers (optional).

We teach you the traditional recipe of this tasty dish using ourMixChef machine.

Preparation of cod pil pil with the cooking machine

  1. First we heat a little oil in the stainless steel casserole of the machine, over medium heat.
  2. Add the garlic in slices and cook until they begin to brown. It is very important that the garlic is not burned or roasted because it will change the flavor of the sauce.
  3. When the garlic is golden, remove the heat and wait for the oil to harden. It is necessary to wait until the temperature drops since we do not want the cod to be cold.
  4. We add the loins of the cod with the skin down and confit it on low heat (between 53 and 60 centigrade). While it is being confitted we activate the circular movement of the machine so that the sauce is bound: the desalted cod releases a jelly that thickens when mixed with garlic and oil.

The effect of moving the casserole is known as gupilada and is what defines the sauce “al pil pil”. The lovers of this dish have several tricks to make it perfect. Some suggest cooking it with the skin up for 5 minutes and then down to release all the gelatin. Others recommend cooking it always with the skin facing down. We guarantee that with a good quality cod your dishes will always be perfect due to the circular and constant movement of the MixChef Machine.

Do you dare to try it?

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