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Frucosol helps you make the most of summer and encourage your events, terraces and any time drinks are present with the glasses and glasses cooler. A small machine that takes up very little and can be placed anywhere. Do not be fooled by its size, it instantly freezes any type of glass or cup.
Your drinks and cocktails will not be affected as it does not add any flavor and also the ice does not melt. It is ideal for champagnes and white wines since it maintains the carbon they have. In the process of frozen sterilizes the cups contributing hygiene. Improves the quality of the service at a very small cost.
It is an element that will make your business to stand over from others, cooling and sterilizing your glasses in a few seconds. It is perfect for any business; its design can be adapted to any place and surface; besides, its manual system makes it simple, fast and easy to use.
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