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Frucosol, a company that stands out in the hospitality equipment sector since 1991, presents its SV2000 brightener as the flagship product for this 2018 Gourmet Show.

It is a machine to shine and dry cups and glasses. This eliminates the hard task of manual drying providing a professional finish in a matter of seconds in addition to a greater process of cleaning and hygiene.

To maintain an impeccable image of your establishment it also includes that your glasses and glasses are in perfect state of cleanliness, hygiene and presentation. This task involves a meticulous and arduous drying process so that no water or lime marks remain and so that the customer always has the best.

The SV2000 cup brightener model will give more autonomy to the process allowing to clean more in less time and adapting perfectly to different shapes of glasses and glasses.

You will see a significant reduction in the costs of breakage of glasses and cups since during the drying and polishing process the machine does not generate any extra force that causes the cups to break. Its rollers of natural, flexible and absorbent fibers reduce the time used in this task and adapt perfectly to the different shapes of cups and glasses.

A brightener of glasses in your business projects in the eyes of your client an image of professionalism.

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