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There is no doubt that the orange juice in one of the most traditional and classic juice thanks to its high level of C-Vitamin. The best of all is that this fruit allows us to mix it with other fruits to get even tastier juices:

  • orange + watermelon:

. Ingredients: Juice from 2-3 oranges / a big piece of watermelon / brown sugar / mint and lemon drops (option)

. Preparation: We have to squeeze the 2-3 oranges and mix it with the watermelon piece in a blender or mixer. Then, add the mint and lemon as you like. In our case, we have remove the pipes from the watermelon, so the level of fiber is higher. We can then filter it if you like softer juices.

. Advice: We recommend to take it after training, and above all in summer when we lose a lot of water and minerals. It can also be taken as dessert like an iced drink if we put it 3-4 hours before on the refrigerator. The taste is very nice and it is very refreshing juice, full of vitamins (above all C-Vitamin and carotenoids), something very important in summer to avoid the rusting and to help tissues to be regenerated.

  • orange + pineapple + strawberry:

. Ingredients: 1 orange / 150 gr. of peeled pineapple / 2 strawberries

. Preparation: We have to squeeze the orange and mix it in the blender with the strawberries and the pineapple. You don’t need to filter it.

. Advice: It is very refreshing, ideal to get the most advantages and properties of the pineapple. You can take it before breakfast as the pineapple is diuretic and helps to remove the liquids from our bodies.

  • orange + bananas:

. Ingredients: 4-5 Oranges / 2 bananas / sugar

. Preparation: It is as simple as to make an orange juice and mix it after with the bananas and the sugar you like.

. Advice: It is good in the morning, at lunch time or during a light dinner; it provides us with a lot of nutrients.

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