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Frucosol moves into a new website, www.frucosol.com, with a new design that suits the new image of the company to the new times.

It shows a new and more functional, intuitive and visual interface. We have made important changes to improve your experience while you visit it. In that way, you could have access to the information you want in a few clicks. You could check news like:

All our range of products with visual and technical information.

Get access now to detailed information of all the products manufactured by Frucosol: images, characteristics, functions…as well as catalogues, videos… The objective of the company is to offer a new, useful and simple tool in order professional people and end users can check and know our products and services.

Easy access that allows the possibility of contacting the company in an easy and convenient way.

Thanks to the menu Service, you could register your products to get a more personalized relationship. You could also ask for online support for any suggestion or problem, and check everything you need about spare parts, accessories and goods for our products.

The blog: a new window to share knowledge.

One of the most important news of this new site is the entry of a blog. This will be a place where we will share our activities, events, news and all the important information of the Horeca business.

This web allows as well the access to our online shop, a tool that is becoming essential nowadays.

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